We have been through this at one point in our lives; trying to get past the casual stage into a fully committed relationship. More often than not, most relationships don’t get past the casual point which can be quite frustrating if you wanted more. Today, we take you through a few ways in which you can take your relationship to the next level.

Not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship. It’s crucial that you first try to understand what your partner wants. If they are not up for commitment and you are, then this is a recipe for disaster. Only strive to move to commit when you both want the same thing. However, communicating does not mean you nag or give ultimatums every chance you get.
Make your partner understand that while you were okay with the casual romance, you now want more.relationship counselling

This can be a very uncomfortable conversation, but it’s best to get it out of the way early enough. It’s also essential that you give them time to come to the realization by themselves. Let them know that they can take all the time they need to make a decision. After all, if someone wants to commit to you, they eventually will. It’s not up to you to inspire or trick them into a serious relationship as you might end up getting hurt.

Moreover, you should also ask yourself why it’s a casual relationship, to begin with. Is it because you’re emotionally unavailable or is it something you both wanted at the beginning? What makes you think that taking it to the next level is the best idea? Sometimes all we need is to have an honest conversation with ourselves to understand how we honestly feel about a situation. You may be surprised at how beneficial internal reflection is to our souls.serious relationship guide

Once you are clear about what you want, do not be afraid to follow up. You have given them ample time to decide, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to know what they want. Despite the fact that you should not provide ultimatums, you also cannot keep waiting forever. Some people will just drag you along with no intention of ever committing. If you still want different things, it might be best to move on and meet other people. If you are both serious about investing in a relationship, go ahead and live your best life.