We all know that one couple who looked so perfect together. They always seem to have those little hearts floating all around them, and an invisible barrier that seem to repel everyone else.

Even when they are like that, they don’t seem clingy. They don’t follow each other around or update each other where they are every five seconds. They are happy.

That is because patience is present in their relationship. They know their boundaries, their likes and dislikes, their availability.

patience in love relationships

Patience is Vital

Patience is a vital key to any type relationship, but this is not something you are born with. Patience is a skill learned and polished overtime. It is only acquired through the years. Many people think they are patient, but how often do you lose your on small mistakes your partner did?

No one is perfect. And in a relationship, your partner will have flaws, and so will you! Sometimes it’s something they can control, but most of the time they can’t. Things like being late for dinner because his boss asks her/him to stay longer to finish a project are something they can’t control.

This is something that needs a lot of patience. Understand that he/she has a job, a responsibility, and that this is also an investment to both of your future.


Why Do We Need Patience in a Relationship?

First see that Patience is a skill worth investing in. It will help you in all aspects of your life, even in work. It will give you balance in your mind.

For example, you are asking your partner to let you meet his/her parents but your partner always seems hesitant. It doesn’t mean that your partner does not love you.

Maybe he/she got hurt before. If the person is hesitating, it is most likely he just wanted to make sure he’s not making the same mistakes again.  Frustrating, yes, but instead of pushing the person to do it for you, try understanding his/her situation. Pushing for what you want will only make the person more reluctant. So   what do you do? You have no choice but to understand him/her. Wish that your love and patience will move things forward.

Patience is the Best Investment in a Loving Relationship!

Patience has many benefits. It takes time, but like they say, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. This saying applies more on a relationship. Relationship must be built on trust and understanding. It is like the movies, where everything just clicks right into place, and there will be rainbows and butterflies leaving a trail of sparkles. No.

At the start of every relationship will be awkward, frustrating and irritating moments. The friends you don’t like the food you don’t agree on. That annoying ex that seems to follow you, or him/her, around and always seem to appear in the most inconvenient of times. Or maybe just dates they kept missing or always being late. That one moment he forgot your “weeksary”, “monthsary”, or however you celebrate time together.

Patience will empower you to build a strong relationship. Understanding that you are individuals, two separate likes and dislikes but chose to walk a path together. That includes every pothole, cracks and uphill road. Every bump.  Every struggle you will encounter will strengthen your bond.

It will not be easy. It is never easy, some compromises must be done. Some sacrifices must be done. The best part of this is it will always be rewarding, and in many forms. You will grow together, both in mind and body. That will be the best part of every relationship.