There are 7 Billion people in the world and the road for searching the one who you’ll spend your entire life with will be definitely long and pain-staking. Most of us think that we all are broken puzzles looking for the missing piece that will fit right to form a relationship that we have been dreaming and hoping for. It wouldn’t be easy. Finding a partner for your lifetime will require great effort, time, difficult challenges and big compromises.

Here’s how you can find your partner:


Right now, you probably have a long list of traits and qualities of a person that you have in mind to find the best partner out there. But sometimes, this list isn’t perfect for anybody. Accept that not all people are perfect for your own standards. Don’t limit yourself in a list because sometimes life may take you by surprise. You’ll never know what a person can offer, only if you let them.

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Be Clear

We all want a long lasting relationship and it’s best if you’ll be clear about it. Don’t be mistaken with a love that revolves only with physical attraction. We all know that a relationship built in lust or physical attraction is doomed to fail. A relationship that will last a lifetime will be more than the physical traits of a person.

Expand your connections and have fun

There are a lot of ways to meet new people. If you’re into speed dating, online dating, attending events for single people and the like, that would be a good avenue to expand your social circle. For some people, however, these events are nerve-wracking and complicated.

You could opt for a hobby or an interest that you think you’ll enjoy like hiking group, sports team, volunteer work, dance classes, book group, photography club, or events like art exhibits, food and wine tasting event that will be a great opportunity to get to know a lot of like-minded individuals that you can also be friends with.

Searching for a partner is not a one size fits all thing. Every situation is different to everybody. There isn’t a recipe available out there even if you look for it. Your own instincts, decision-making skills and emotional intelligence will guide you through selecting your lifetime partner.

And if you finally do find it, it takes a great amount of hard work, team work and effort from the both of you to nurture it. To nurture a growing and loving relationship, it requires unconditional love – a love that encompasses boundaries without asking anything in return. Time and effort is important to make your partner feel how important they are to you.

Make your partner feel that love even through small gestures like taking them out on a surprise date or by simply telling them you love them. Even if the both of you are busy, you should also make time for each other even once in a while. Some quality time together will make your partner feel wanted and loved.

As your relationship grows, it isn’t going to be perfect. Always keep in mind that both of you are two different individuals. You are distinct individuals with your own choices, wants, qualities and preferences. You just have to find out the best way to understand and deal with these differences without losing respect for your each other. Your relationship will be made of flaws, mistakes and arguments that will challenge the both of you.

But when you love a person, you accept that person as a whole. You accept all the flaws, the mistakes and the arguments like a whole package deal and you work them out together, compromising as much as the both of you can to prevail with more love and more understanding.

A relationship founded with love, understanding, respect, and acceptance is a strong one. There isn’t one problem that’s going to break you both apart. Each other’s differences and flaws should not be a hinder to show how much you value and love the person. Remember that it takes constant effort and team work from the both of you to make a relationship work. It isn’t going to be easy but for sure, it’s going to be worth it.

Be mentally and physically conditioned

Have you thought how your physical and mental state may affect you getting and retaining him or her? Do you thinks guys and ladies doing some hours in the gym daily or few days weekly do not know what they are doing?

Hey wake up? Getting involve in jogging, exercises and even good dieting are no more mere past-times but essentials for today’s top relationships.

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