You meet an amazing girl, smart, witty, beautiful and it’s like your dreams come true. Only to realize that she doesn’t even know you exist. Bummer! This can be quite frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Here are a few great tips worth trying to make her like you. They will not make you look manipulative. Rather, these tips will make a girl want to be around you even without knowing to get a girlfriend

Talk Yourself Up

It doesn’t hurt to approach her and start a simple conversation. Speak in a strong but sure voice to help you appear confident. If you have special skills, slide them into the conversation naturally to let her know that you are an interesting person. She will definitely begin to notice you.

Give Her Attention

Once she lets you in, try and make her feel like she is the only girl in the room. Keep your eyes focused on her, maintain eye contact and pay very close attention to what she says to appear interested. You don’t want to seem like you don’t care about her.

Have Your Own Life

You don’t want to be that clingy boy next door. It helps when you have the hobbies that keep you busy. Spending time with her is crucial, but it shouldn’t happen all the time as she may get bored and start avoiding you.

Tease Her

At first, you may want to hold back and even watch what you say or do when you are around her. As you get used to each other’s company, its okay to tease her every once in a while. This can be about her taste in food or movies or even music. Bringing in the playful aspect helps her to feel more relaxed around you. You can also make fun of yourself. She will see you as being an easy going person with a sense of humor. Women love witty men who make them laugh.