Most people in this world desire to love someone who will appreciate and respect their feelings and also give back love in return. They want to be loved unconditionally irrespective of their status. Hence, you may find yourself in a relationship that you are neither sure of being a serious one or not.

You might even have the feeling that you are ready to take it to the next level of marriage. Before you get blinded by this emotions, you need to ascertain if you are on the right track. There is a need for you to be sure that your partner is ready to settle down with you as you are.


We will outline some tips to guide you on how to know if you are both ready to be husband and wife.

  • Your life starts to focus on him or her. You can’t for a second guess they are not part of your life. Admittedly, they are the first person in your life.
  •  You derive pleasure in spending time on something that will make your partner happy instead of concentrating on yourself.
  • You regularly have the thought of you both getting old together, going to events in beautiful ways, going on vacation along and also having romantic fun on the beach as a couple.
  • Also imagining how much fun it will be for you two to be parents and grandparents.
  • You start to see money differently. You will begin to change focus from having a short-term financial plan to a long-term one.
  • When the time you spend with friend reduces in other spend more time with your partner is another indicator you are on the right track.
  • Another point is when you begin to get more bored of being single and want to settle down quickly.
  • The family meeting begins to interest you, and you start to show seriousness and play along with every member.
  • You engage in discussions that are more definite goals and also future-oriented.

If you are in a serious relationship where you both do “public display of affection” then that could be taken to the next level. It could be a simple gesture of the guy tuck-in the hair of his partner behind her ear in public or give a goodbye kiss on each other’s lips.

You communicate on a regular basis. I mean you call, text, email, video chat, etc. with each other every day. No day passes by without communicating. More than just ones. Preferably, early in the morning, mid-day and at bedtime.

Note: The tips listed above are not an assurance that marriage will happen but will at least assist in giving you some ideas that the person is either taking the relationship to the next page or not.